John Kurth is Founder and President of The Meridian Group, LLC.  John helps business owners and leaders improve their businesses as well as their professional performance and personal lives as a result!

The Meridian Group is a confidential peer-to-peer advisory council for leaders, owners, CEOs, and presidents of companies in all stages of growth and development.  Since 1993 members have benefited from the collective wisdom and experience of the group, gaining in-depth insights and guidance, business prosperity and growth, improved performance, and personal fulfillment.  The Meridian Group makes good leaders great and great leaders visionary!

In 1990, John was hired by venture capitalists to turnaround one of their companies that was performing poorly since they invested years earlier.  John successfully returned the company to profitability and growth.  While leading this private company, John was dealing with conflicted and disjointed board members, the daily challenges and opportunities of ownership and leadership, developing business strategies, leveraging productivity improvement, and enhancing profitability.

John founded The Meridian Group in 1993 since, as a fellow business leader, he could not find a professional organization that provided business owners, entrepreneurs, executives and leaders with a monthly peer-to-peer advisory council to identify, communicate and ultimately achieve their vision.  He wanted to think out loud with fellow business owners that did not have a financial interest in his company.  There were only franchisees, affiliations, industry associations, guest speaking circuits, individual consultants, chambers of commerce, rotary meetings, networking groups, social groups, and the like.  John envisioned business owners and leaders wanted a locally-owned professional advisory council to help them take their businesses positively forward!  So, The Meridian Group was born in March of 1993!

John shares his accomplishments, successes and extensive background, helping scores of business owners, entrepreneurs, and leaders prosper!  John has an outstanding record of achievement as a result of extensive leadership experience in:  Leadership Development, Exceeding Expectations, Profitable Growth, Visionary Achievement, Strategic Implementation, Business Development, Operational Excellence, Succession Planning, Business Performance Management, Executive Coaching, Entrepreneurship, Sales ~ International & Domestic, Organizational Development & Effectiveness, and Strategic Planning & Implementation.

Previously, John rose through the ranks to become an executive for several Fortune 500 and private firms, both domestically and internationally.  Some of those companies are Xerox Corporation, Tymshare Inc., McDonnell Douglas Corporation, MCI Communications Corporation, Network Systems Corporation, and National Computer Systems, Inc., in addition to private companies.  Keen leadership, visionary insight, productivity improvement, people development, and profitability enhancement herald his career.  He has lead turnaround situations through growth and acquisition strategies in multiple industries and disciplines.  He holds a B.A. in Economics and Business Administration with a Management Concentration, as well as Psychology from Saint John’s University.