You’re the leader;
you’re unique but not alone.


Business leaders face unique opportunities, challenges and concerns in today’s ever-changing business world.  Your enterprise should be exciting, inspiring, offering immense growth and other rewards to you.  Our personal, professional and business vision are essential to the success of any business leader.  The Meridian Group market-proven approach helps business owners and leaders identify, clarify and communicate their vision.  The Meridian Group meets monthly, providing business owners and leaders with a peer-to-peer group of confidants.  We provide the forum for business leaders to:

  • learn from one another’s struggles and resolutions
  • gain independent and objective feedback
  • eliminate their sense of isolation
  • further their personal and professional development
  • accelerate their success by ultimately achieving their vision

A disparate membership group provides mutual respect, trust, development, growth and empathic understanding of work environments amongst the group’s members.

The result?  Our members develop focused business strategies that increase productivity and profitability.

Our success springs from the experience and talent of the members themselves; we are always looking for leaders like you!  You can offer your own unique and important contributions while also personally and professionally benefiting from participation; improved business performance, further professional enrichment, and attaining personal fulfillment.

Business leaders, such as yourself, know The Meridian Group would be an asset to you and your company.

The Determinants Of Demand

The following market facts are driving the demand for The Meridian Group services:

  • Isolation is a leading motivation for participation in The Meridian Group.  In today’s hectic and competitive business environment, leaders often become isolated from outside stimulation, interests and peers.  When a business owner or leader becomes isolated, the individual and organization may plateau and become stagnant.  The organization is a living entity and must have constant stimulated fluctuation to thrive.  It is, therefore, the leader’s utmost responsibility to institute change within the organization to cause constant disequilibrium.  Business owners and leaders must place the highest priority on forming dispatchive structures so the organization, as well as the individuals, continues to grow and prosper.  The Meridian Group provides the ideal environment and personal interaction needed by every leader.
  • Small businesses are the fastest growing segment of the business sector.  Each day, more people decide to start their own business, acquire an existing enterprise or participate in a franchise.  In these endeavors the new entrepreneur is often inexperienced.  All business leaders cannot foresee every opportunity or challenge, and may unknowingly be narrowly focused, product driven, lacking thorough leadership and management practices, and/or without qualified mentors and peers.  This represents an unfolding need for outside advisors such as The Meridian Group.
  • Businesses continue to reduce company overhead and rightsize their organizations.  Many unprepared executives are compelled to go into business for themselves.  Still, others leave corporate life for their own enterprise, voluntarily.  These business leaders enter their new endeavors enthusiastic, driven and optimistic.  While they attain success with their new business, they also discover the dejection of solitude.  They no longer have fellow company peers as companions and/or advisors.  The need to interact with respected peers for counsel and companionship is fundamental to our existence.  The Meridian Group provides this interaction formally and informally.
  • Every business entity needs to make constant employee productivity gains.  Many companies now position employee productivity above product quality or price as their primary means of remaining competitive.  This emphasis, coupled with a more global marketplace, has placed new and additional demands on business owners and leaders.  First, how does the company’s leader formulate, articulate and implement these productivity improvement plans?  Without qualified critique and advice, business leaders put their company unnecessarily at risk.  Secondly, as more demands are placed on business owners, CEOs, presidents, and other members of the leadership team, they have less time for self-improvement, enrichment and development.  If they do not continue to grow individually and remain creative under these burdening responsibilities, the organization stagnates.  It is imperative they invest in themselves, as well as their company, by securing the highest quality development with maximum return on time investment.  The Meridian Group provides this ideal setting.
  • The need to keep pace with a rapidly changing workplace or business environment.  Change is ever-present and constantly evolving in methods previously unimagined.  Change is a primary determinant of demand for continuing education.  New competitors and technologies are entering the workplace at a rapid pace.  Leaders are challenged with shorter product life-cycles and lead-times.  They often have less margin for error than in the past. These trends combine to increase the need for more knowledgeable and skilled business leaders.  The Meridian Group is designed to fulfill these needs.
  • Training service firms — the unfulfilled promise.  Many companies hire the services of outside training firms and/or consultants.  The training is often designed for entry-level and middle management workers.  The executive leadership ranks are largely ignored.  Studies have shown that ninety-five percent of the training curricula has been forgotten forty-five days after the training was completed.  On-going interaction and development are fundamental to growth. The Meridian Group provides this continuing education.