Vision is the power that inspires you
to take risks, go your own way,
build your own business,
and make your mark.


The Meridian Group is a confidential peer-to-peer advisory council for leaders, owners, CEOs, and presidents of companies in all stages of growth and development.  Since 1993 members have benefited from the collective wisdom and experience of the group, gaining in-depth insights and guidance, business prosperity and growth, improved performance, and personal fulfillment.  The Meridian Group makes good leaders great and great leaders visionary!

The Meridian Group meets monthly, providing business owners and leaders with a peer-to-peer group of confidants.  The Meridian Group market-proven approach helps business owners and leaders identify, clarify and communicate their vision.  We provide the forum for business leaders to:

  • learn from one another’s struggles and resolutions
  • gain independent and objective feedback
  • eliminate their sense of isolation
  • further their personal and professional development
  • accelerate their success by ultimately achieving their vision

A disparate membership group provides mutual respect, trust, development, growth and empathic understanding of work environments amongst the group’s members.

The result?  Our members develop focused business strategies that increase productivity and profitability.

Business leaders, such as yourself, know The Meridian Group would be an asset to you and your company.

The Meridian Group provides advisory councils for business owners and executives with peer-to-peer confidants.  Each group is comprised with up to ten business leaders with like responsibilities in varied businesses and industries.  Our group members are non-competing enterprises so you may always share openly with fellow business leaders confidentially.


The Meridian Group  ~  Business Owners, CEOs, Presidents, Chairpersons and Executives.

The Meridian Group for Key Performers  ~  Vice Presidents, Directors, Chief Financial Officers, Controllers, Managers, Operations Leaders, Human Resource Leaders, Sales Leaders, Marketing Leaders, Engineering Leaders, and all other business leaders within organizations.

Why We Are The Best:

  • Founded in 1993, The Meridian Group is the most established Advisory Council for Business Owners, Executives and Leaders.
  • We work with you to achieve your vision of success!  You are our client, not the business; the business is the vehicle for that which you wish to accomplish.  We are truly a functioning board of directors and advisors for you and your business.
  • In addition to the monthly group meetings, we meet one-on-one together as you need; your opportunities and challenges do not occur on a regular thirty-day interval.  Our membership is all-inclusive; there are no hidden costs, hourly fees, or additional fees for the group or individual meetings.  Our meetings are the same day, time and location every month so you have consistency and continuity.  We do not allow guest speakers or consultants in our meetings so our sessions are productive and without distraction; we respect your time.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Why do successful and aspiring business leaders join The Meridian Group?

  • Leadership, by definition, is isolating.  The Meridian Group provides the best means for you to lead your enterprise to continued success!
  • Privately held businesses are the fastest growing segment of business.  The Meridian Group provides you with your collective “think tank” of fellow business owners and leaders.  There are no consultants trying to push a solution upon you.
  • The Meridian Group provides you with the collective wisdom and experience of fellow business owners, executives and leaders to improve the profitability, productivity, growth and sanity of your business!
  • How can you keep pace with a rapidly changing workplace or business environment?  Only by meeting with trusted business advisors, fellow business owners and leaders, on a consistent and confidential basis.

Are you tired of working so hard “in the business”, instead of “on the business”?

As the owner or leader of your business, you are open to feedback because no one knows all the answers or even all the questions.  You want to work “on the business” so you may truly experience the rewards of business ownership and successful leadership!

What makes The Meridian Group successful?

Our success springs from the experience and talent of the members themselves; we are always looking for leaders like you to join our groups!  You can offer your own unique and important contributions while also personally and professionally benefiting from participation; improved business performance, further professional enrichment, and attaining personal fulfillment.

Have you thought of forming a board of directors or an advisory board for your company?

The Meridian Group provides you with an ad hoc board of directors or advisory board without all the “baggage”.  We manage the meetings and provide you with independent and objective feedback from fellow business owners and leaders.  Our members are active, operating business owners and leaders!

Can I discuss particular facets of my business or businesses, as well as my vision, my harvest plan, my future exit strategy, and…?

Absolutely!  Nothing is off-limits…  As a matter of fact, you will be encouraged and challenged to discuss those very opportunities!  Our members often discuss the development of their company’s management team, improving productivity, developing accountability systems, leadership training, instituting change in the organization, implementing new technology, mission and vision alignment, sales, customer service, empowerment training, team building, human resource program development, successfully implementing the initiatives from strategic planning, creating leverage opportunities, establishing quality management programs, to name a few…

Business leaders, such as yourself, know The Meridian Group would be an asset to you and your company.  I look forward to discussing these matters with you to further explore the benefits of membership.